What industry leaders are saying about me.


Natalie Henderson
Marketing Director - Nevada

"Mark was very friendly, helpful, understanding, and he really took the time to get to know what we needed. He explained everything confidently, and communicated well the process and what we would get out of it. He made it easy."


Ryan Koral
Founder - Tell Studios

"My business had hired a separate marketing agency to help us with our rebrand. Mark accomplished more for us in 4 hours than they did in 4 months."


Paul Hoyt
President - Connoisseur of Time

"Working with Mark was a great experience. He was very positive and passionate about helping, yet intuitively knew not to push toward changes I wasn't ready for. I wasn't new to branding exercises, but being led through the methodology by Mark definitely re-energized me to take a fresh look at our brand story, and I'll be implementing changes that he suggested."